With this show, the iconic dj, DJ Nano, carried out the most daring and different proposal of his career, so the stage design had to be groundbreaking and at the same time adjust to the special features of the show.

Therefore, from Pixelmap Studios we designed a stage with a spectacular dj booth and at the same time hiding an orchestra of 20 musicians that, at certain moments of the show, became visible to the audience, achieving the perfect union of electronic music and symphonic music.

The result was a stage with four towers of structures over 15m high built with concave and convex LED screens Two-to-Two that left room in its central point to a LED screen divided into two horizontal parts. The upper part was mechanized with a vertical opening that served as a curtain to separate the orchestra’s cabin.

In addition, in all the structures and screens we arranged the intelligent lighting, the conventional Light and the lasers, creating a breakthrough stage that surprised and conquered the audience.